Digital Twin Platform,

Pluxity’s digital twin platform, PLUG is applicable across various domains, encompassing urban areas, industrial complexes, social overhead capital (SOC), and sports & leisure sectors.

Smart Industry

A Digital Twin Platform for
Smart Industrial Complexes
PLUG brings innovation to the industrial segments to

bring operational efficiency in manufacturing processes
and logistics.


A virtual environment identical to the real one is created where a 3D monitoring system connected with sensors allows for the immediate identification of information, status, and issues with equipment and machinery in the factory; thus providing an integrated control environment for the factory.

  • 3D visualization of factories and facilities/equipment
  • Facility monitoring through various IoT sensors
  • Detection of risks to worker safety through accidents
Major Project
  • Kleannara Cheongju Factory
  • 2021 5G Manufacturing Demonstration (NIPA)
  • SK Incheon Petrochemical Complex
  • Samsung Display


Space and asset information are integrated into a single system to enable intuitive status analysis and rapid decision making. Furthermore, space management and equipment status identification based on 3D maps make it easier to solve problems like space demand forecasting, facility expansion, and augmentation.

  • Real-time data
    analysis by
    equipment line
  • Real-time monitoring of communication and security status
  • Event
    visualization in
    case of failure
Major Project
  • SK C&C Daedeok Data Center
  • Institute for Basic Science


The location and operational status of personnel, equipment, and facilities within the logistics center are visualized on a 3D basis and monitored in real time. This allows workers to identify the automatically calculated area of the warehouse, layout, inbound and outbound, and inventories without the need to be on-site, and share such information with other workers to facilitate efficient logistics management.

  • 3D visualization and monitoring of facilities/equipment, etc.
  • Monitoring environmental information (temperature/humidity)
  • Individual logistics
    status and entry/exit management
Major Project
  • Sebang Logistics Center

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