Digital Twin Platform,

Pluxity’s digital twin platform, PLUG is applicable across various domains, encompassing urban areas, industrial complexes, social overhead capital (SOC), and sports & leisure sectors.

Digital SOC

A Digital Twin Platform for Smart Infrastructure Integrated management of city infrastructure such as roads, railways,
and airports, PLUG Platform leads to enhanced efficiency of
user safety and convenience.


In times of emergencies, the visualization of historical data through 3D maps makes it easy to identify spatial information. During emergencies, it becomes possible to identify promptly the precise location through 3D renderings and make rapid situational assessments through connections with surveillance cameras—all without the need for on-site presence.

  • 3D-based
    integrated control of
    the whole station
  • Immediate
    notification of event occurrence
  • Equipment status, situation monitoring
Major Project
  • Seoul Metro Lines 2,8
  • Daegu Metro Line 1


Efficient control is enabled through the visualization of airports based on 3D maps. Information on major sensors, equipment, and facilities besides automated immigration inspection booths in the airport is managed as a whole, allowing immediate monitoring and response to various issues that arise.

  • 3D-based
    integrated control of
    the whole airport
  • Remote control of
    major facilities such as doors and sensors
  • Smart Pass
Major Project
  • Incheon International Airport Phases 1-2-3-4
  • Ministry of Justice Smart Pass Integrated Control
  • Turkmenistan Ashgabat International Airport​


Optimized movement paths and container alignment are proposed through IoT-based crane and transport equipment monitoring. Immediate monitoring of workers and key heavy equipment can also prevent safety-related accidents. The platform helps logistics centers run effectively through 3D-based real-time monitoring of freight handling and atmospheric environment.

  • 3D-based
    optimized operation system
  • Workers’ safety monitoring
  • Real-time logistics monitoring and inventory management emulation

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