Digital Twin Platform,

Pluxity’s digital twin platform, PLUG is applicable across various domains, encompassing urban areas, industrial complexes, social overhead capital (SOC), and sports & leisure sectors.

Smart City

A digital twin platform for smart cities Innovative transformations in the cities begins with
PLUG Plarform.

We provide optimal solutions for
smart cities.


We integrate IoT technologies that continue to evolve as a 3D GIS-based smart city control platform into three-dimensional urban spatial models to deliver smart urban services. It effectively pinpoints urban issues while enabling the visualization of desired IoT technologies and services linked to a three-dimensional GIS map.

  • 3D GIS-based
    smart city
    integrated control
  • Links 3D maps at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport with public data
  • City facility
Major Project
  • Seoul
  • Busan
  • LX Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation


Various security systems including surveillance cameras, access control, detection alarms, and fire systems are integrated and interconnected with the 3D spatial map. Our solution creates an integrated control environment that ensures intuitive, immediate response by holistically monitoring essential facilities within the building including HVAC, power/energy, and other systems such as lighting and AV.

  • Integration of building controls and real-time monitoring
  • Simulation
    through building
  • Integrated
    management of
    major facility data
Major Project
  • Yongsan-gu Administration Town
  • SKT Convergence Security
  • KT DS Smart Building
  • Chungbuk Development Corporation


It enables efficient energy management through the real-time measurement of renewable energy generation. As an example, it visualizes and simulates the three-dimensional process of solar energy absorption, storage, and conversion while offering statistical power generation analysis for each facility.

  • Measures
    energy generation
    in real-time
  • Analyzes and visualizes energy generation and consumption by zone
  • 3D visualization
    and simulation of
    Energy flow
Major Project
  • KT-MEG Solar Power
  • Thermal Power Plant of the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning​


Employing an interactive kiosk system reliant on 3D spatial information, it offers customers diverse services within the designated space, all derived from a 3D-implemented indoor space map. With our 3D map, anyone can navigate from the starting point to his/her destination by simply choosing waypoints as it provides clear, intuitive visualization of key facilities and retail information.

  • Visualize space and facility information and location in 3D
  • Barrier-free kiosks
    for socially
    vulnerable people
  • Support
    optimal route
Major Project
  • Construction of 114 Barrier-Free Navigations in Busan
  • Yongsan-gu Administration Town
  • LX Digital Twin Service​
  • NIPA 5G Public Lead Project
  • Incheon International Airport Terminal 2
  • Sogong Underground Shopping Center / Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Mall

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