Our Culture Trust in each other,
individual creativity and uniqueness,
and our collective growth

We believe that the progress and development of our individual members contribute to the overall growth of the company,
and that the happiness of each individual spreads and results in the happiness of us all.

Our goal is to foster a culture founded on mutual respect and trust—valuing the unique creativity and individuality of
each person—and cultivate an environment that motivates us to excel in our strengths and complement each other's shortcomings.

  • Trust
  • Creative
  • Individuality
  • Growth


  • Annual support for personal development and cultural expenses

    We provide 1 million won annual support for cultural activities, exercise, health check-ups, and self-development.

  • Monthly
    lunch allowances

    We provide lunch allowances to allow everyone to enjoy lunchtime together without any financial burden.

  • Skill-based,
    equitable evaluation system

    We provide performance-based evaluations and rewards regardless of position.

  • Liberal and
    extensive vacation policy

    We offer unrestricted personal leave as a default, along with summer vacations, half-day leave on birthdays, and company anniversary holidays.

  • Long-term employee rewards and refresh leave policy

    Receive special bonuses and additional leaves at 5-year (3 days off, KRW 1 million), 10-year (7 days off, KRW 3 million), and 15-year (14 days off, KRW 5 million) milestones.

  • Allowances for club activities
    and team dining expenses

    We provide allowances for internal club activities and monthly team dining expenses (lunch/dinner).

  • Holiday/Birthday gifts
  • Congratulatory or condolatory leave
    and related expenses
  • Internal recommendation system
  • Support programs for young adults (besides “Tomorrow Savings Grants”)
  • Maternity and paternity leave
    and childcare leave
  • Support for substitute holidays
    for weekend/overtime work