Our digital twin
technology encapsulates
the past, present, and future.


Managing three-dimensional reality in text or two dimensions has clear limitations.
We go beyond those limitations with digital twins,
creating a three-dimensional virtual world that mirrors reality.
We integrate and visualize various spatial data enabling real-time operations and
harness the power of accumulated data to perform AI simulations that
allow analysis and predictions for the past, present, and future.

PLUG Plug-ins

Our digital twin platform PLUG
signifies our commitment to providing
advanced plug-in services.

PLUG Platform Creating vibrant virtual spaces.

As a digital twin platform, PLUG digitizes physical spaces into virtual representations, breathing new life into them.
We offer our customers web-based, lightweight services tailored to various device environments.
Our AI-based simulations for data analysis and experimentation enable predictions and
optimized results based on spatial environments.

  • Collection Collection of information from drawings (CAD, BIM),

    drones and LiDAR
  • Visualization 3D Virtual Space Creation

    (3D Modeling)
  • Informatization Integration of legacy/new systems
    and collection of data through
    IoT sensors
  • Application Intelligent 3D integrated
    operation platform
    (Web, App, Kiosk, C/S App, XR Device)
  • Simulation Future prediction,
    Optimal decision making

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